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Custom Orders

All my paintings can be custom made.


If the piece you like has been sold, so a similar in the same style and texture can be created.


You are welcome to choose the colors and size if you would like to have a different than the original image.


Custom orders sizes: 

- 12" x 12"

- 16" x 20"

- 18" x 24"

- 24" x 30"

- 24" x 36"

- 30" x 40"

- 36" x 36"

- 36" x 48"


Allow me to finish about 3-5 days to get ready to ship or for you to pick up.


I ship out your paintings within 1-5 business days after I receive your payment.


For details, payment options and information how to purchase my art work, go to Gallery and click on How to Buy.

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